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Tims Dairy - Greek Style Vanilla Bio-live Yogurt 175g (£/each)

Tims Dairy - Greek Style Vanilla Bio-live Yogurt 175g (£/each)

We’re absolutely addicted to yogurt. That’s why we’ve been making it since 1949!


When you grow up in a Greek family, loving and eating yogurt on a daily basis is part of a delicious way of life. From traditional meze dishes to healthy breakfasts, it’s used in almost everything.


Combine our heritage with our brand promise – ‘Taste Without Compromise’ – and the result is ‘PROPER’ Greek style yogurt every day. All made naturally in the Chiltern Hills.


Made with the best natural ingredients and fresh pasteurised British milk, our award winning exquisite vanilla Greek style bio-live yogurt is luxurious, deep, smooth and silky on the tongue. It’s definitely a family favourite to be savoured by everyone for real luxury and indulgence, as confirmed above.


It is bio-live and made with the active bacteria Bifidobacterium, Lactobacillus acidophilus and Streptococcus thermophilus.


Serving Suggestions:
A real treat as a snack or dessert on its own, it is also perfect for dessert toppings, with fresh fruit and as a delicious healthy alternative to cream or custard.

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