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South Downs - Sparkling Natural Mineral Water 750ml (£/each)

South Downs - Sparkling Natural Mineral Water 750ml (£/each)

The South Downs Water spring, which is located just outside Chichester on the Sussex/Hampshire border, was originally opened in 1918 to play a vital part in supplying the Ministry of Defence in WWI. It was subsequently used as an ice factory in 1928 before laying dormant for many years as different businesses used the factory and premises.


The artesian spring (that naturally brings water to the surface) draws water from over 400ft underground. It holds the prestigious Natural Mineral Water status because it’s composition is such that it doesn’t need any chemical treatment or processing whatsoever. 


Thanks to the natural chalky filtration system deep within the South Downs, the water is enriched in minerals making it high in calcium and low in sodium with absolutely nothing added or taken away.

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