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Netherend Farm - Unsalted Butter Roll 250g (£/each)

Netherend Farm - Unsalted Butter Roll 250g (£/each)

"Like proper butter used to taste"


Our family have farmed at Netherend since 1936. The farm's milk was originally sold to villagers who would bring a jug to fill up from the churn which we took around the village.


The business expanded rapidly in the 1990’s and we were soon selling milk and cream to retail doorstep rounds, shops and hotels. To make use of the surplus cream we purchased a small wooden butter churn and started selling hand packed butter pats. The butter proved very popular in local shops and was “discovered” by a London based dairy distributor whilst on holiday in the Wye Valley. We started to supply him and it was soon being used in some of Londons’ top hotels and restaurants.


Whilst our butter sales have increased over the years, the same care and attention to detail is still given to its production. The butter is still traditionally churned in a much larger stainless steel churn, but has not lost any of its unique creamy flavour and still tastes “like proper butter should!” You should buy our best natural butter in the UK.

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