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Nelly's - Pure Pork Sausage Roll (£/each)

Nelly's - Pure Pork Sausage Roll (£/each)

Eleven years ago Nelly's Farm  began producing scotch eggs for a few local shops and retailers. They focused on making only the best scotch eggs, with an ethos of maintaining the best animal welfare and a focus on minimising impact on their surroundings. This idea has continued to develop, and today, the food range has increased and production now supports their livestock, land management and care.


The food business is operated by Josh and Maria, alongside Lionel and Bridget, who with 15 years combined experience in professional restaurant kitchens, and an even longer combined experience in farming, continue to create the foods that carry the same principles as the farm. These same ideals span to the livestock, food produce, staff and the environment of the farm. Simply put, Nelly’s Farm products only contain ingredients one may expect to find in one’s own kitchen larder.


Sausage meat mixed by us with a hint of warm nutmeg and sage, wrapped in lavish all-butter flaky pastry with pure sea salt.


Serve with

Pickled onions/piccalilli/gherkins or Kimchi or as an accompaniment to a Ploughman's lunch or Caesar salad.


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