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Lottie Shaw's - Millionaire Shortbread 200g (£/each)

Lottie Shaw's - Millionaire Shortbread 200g (£/each)

Our story begins over a hundred years ago, in the heart of the Yorkshire Pennines. It has a humble start, Lottie's Great Aunts; Mary and Edith Harrison, setting out to bake and sell their original recipes of regional specialities. Little did they know, it was the beginning of a legacy, a journey of a family’s passion for baking, handed down through three generations and the very start of the Lottie Shaw’s story.


Using only the finest ingredients, Lottie Shaw’s partners with many local artisan producers; our eggs are free-range, our flour is locally milled just down the road, our oatmeal is produced by one of the oldest family firms in England, and our oil is from our award winning friends at Yorkshire Rape Seed oil.


At Noel's Farm Shop we love the Millionaires Shortbread - it's outrageously good. So much so that often when I come to take one home they've all gone. So then I have to go find the secret stash.

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