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Folkington's - Pure Squeezed Orange Juice 1 litre (£/each)

Folkington's - Pure Squeezed Orange Juice 1 litre (£/each)

Folkington’s was founded in 2012 by Paul Bendit after 12 years of developing premium and innovative soft drinks for leaders in the catering sector and stand-alone brands. The ambition in creating the Folkington’s brand was to replicate the authenticity and provenance that stand behind fine wines (“terroir”) into a range of fruit juices and soft drinks.


Originally launched with just six varieties of fruit juices, the range has expanded to ten varieties, and is now complemented by our sparkling pressés, tonic waters and other mixers. Year-on-year, they use the same varieties of fruit sourced from the same farmers, or farming communities. This delivers not just a consistent taste and quality, but also helps provide a sustainable income into those communities.

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