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Coolmore - Classic Carrot Cake 400g (£/each)

Coolmore - Classic Carrot Cake 400g (£/each)

Coolmore first began baking cakes in 1988 in an old farmhouse in West Cork, an area famous for its delicious artisan food products. The cakes were made from an old family recipe that was passed down through the generations and baked the old-fashioned way in an Aga Cooker in the family farmhouse.


Word spread quickly about the quality of Coolmore Cakes and soon the Loaf Cakes were being delivered to local shops, restaurants and deli’s throughout West Cork and then to the rest of Ireland. Demand for the cakes grew quickly and Coolmore Cakes soon became available in retailers throughout Ireland. Today, Coolmore Cakes are available all over the world, including our Farm Shop.

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