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Coffee Real - Brazil Beans Caffeinated 250g (£/pack)

Coffee Real - Brazil Beans Caffeinated 250g (£/pack)

The Story

A cup of coffee should be delicious, sweet and complex, something rather special - back in 2007 something rather special in the world of coffee could not easily be found so we decided to try and change that.

Today after a number of expansive roastery moves,  continued investment new technologies and people that add to a great team spirit here at Coffee Real, working with some wonderful coffee farmers from prime growing areas all over the world and building a customer base that love us unconditionally for what we do we’re still here roasting.

So I guess something rather special did happen when we started back in early 2008.


The Coffee

We wish everybody could taste just how amazing a simple cup of coffee can be - especially when the raw coffee has been sourced directly from farmers that put quality at the forefront of everything they do.

Finding coffee that is amazing is no easy task – you would not believe the amount of time and effort we spend each year finding coffees that (you know) tick all the boxes, hit the spot.


We maybe a relativity young company but we learnt pretty early on that you can’t sit back in the UK and expect that special kind of quality to arrive at your door – it just doesn’t happen – if your serious about coffee you have to put in the time and effort - hunt out the right farmers and really understand the coffee they produce – you need to get under its skin (so to speak) – and the only way you can do that is to go to the origin and build mutually beneficial relationships with the family’s that grow the stuff…


It doesn’t end there though as we are constantly challenging ourselves to perfect taste that best reflect an origin. Each coffee has its own unique character and therefore to perfect taste each coffee has to be roasted differently with this in mind.


It’s not a 5 minute job – then again there’s no short cut to quality.

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