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Barber's Farmhouse - Mellow Cheddar 320g (£/each)

Barber's Farmhouse - Mellow Cheddar 320g (£/each)

The Barber family have been making cheddar cheese for longer than anyone else worldwide. So, when it comes to combining the finest West Country milk with traditional manufacturing methods to produce award-winning cheese, we'd like to think that we've learnt a thing or two.


To make the best cheese, we need the best West Country milk. Our dairy cows graze the lush pastures of Somerset and Dorset to produce rich, creamy milk that we transform into PDO-accredited cheddar. We also work with many of our neighbouring farmers who supply us with additional milk and we’re proud to support our local farming community in this way.


We’re also the sole guardians of the country’s last remaining traditional cheese starter cultures — the ‘friendly’ bacteria that start the cheesemaking process and contribute to the final texture, aroma and taste. Only by using these cultures can we be sure that we’re making true West Country cheddar.

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