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Shopping Online at Noel's Farm Shop


No registration needed

With our online farm shop there is no prior registration needed; simply choose what you want and go to the check-out. You add your address and delivery/collection requirements at that stage.

Instore and online

  • We have a wide selection of food and drink available to purchase online and we are adding more all the time. If you don't see something online that you've purchased previously in the shop, please call us and we'll see if we have it to add to your order. 

  • You'll always find the widest selection of food and drink at the Farm Shop when you visit us in person, especially in our newly expanded shop. We also have daily offers and lovely specials, which you can find on our Facebook page.

Selection - 2 ways to choose

  • You can select a category of foods from the home page, for example fruit. Choose the products you want from there. At the top of each collection page is a step forward to the next collection, and a step back to the previous one.

  • Or you can go straight to the shop and see all the collections listed on the left hand edge of the page. So if you're looking for meat or flour or soups or vegan or our selection of gluten free products, simply click on the relevant collection to see what we have.

  • Some of our products appear in multiple collections. You can sort alphabetically or search for an item too.

  • Your selections will be added to your basket.

Delivery & collection

  • Please allow between 1 and 3 days from placing your order to us delivering it to you. We'll phone you to agree a delivery time, but we normally deliver between 3.00pm and 6.00pm every day, except Sunday.

  • You can place an order for delivery or collection at a later date if, for example, you want to stock up after your holiday. Just let us know the date you need your shopping and we'll have it ready for you.

  • We deliver to Guildford (GU1, 2, 3 & 4) and Woking (GU21, 22 & 23) postcodes. Delivery is free for orders of £40 and over. We charge £6 for delivery for orders under £40.

  • If you would like delivery to another postcode please call us and we'll see what we can do. There may be an additional, but reasonable delivery charge.

  • You are welcome to collect from us. You can place your order up to 10.00am and collect the same day after 4.00pm. After 10.00am, you're welcome to collect the following day.

  • Let us know what time you're driving by and one of our muscular crew (or me if you're unlucky) will carry your shopping out for you. Or pop into the shop and choose the muscle (and a few extra treats) for yourself!

Weights, measures & varieties

  • Select the produce you want to buy: 

    • £/kg - where an item is marked '£/kg', if you select 1, you will be purchasing 1 kilo; 2 will be 2 kilos. If an item is marked '£/250g', if you select 1 you will be purchasing 250 grams, 2 will be 500 grams and so on. For example, our Maris Piper potatoes are priced per 500 grams, white closed cup mushrooms per 200 grams and our dispensed, plastic packaging free per 100g.

    • £/each - where an item is marked '£/each', if you select 4, you will purchase 4 items, for example bananas, aubergines, baked potatoes, tinned goods and bottled drinks.

    • £/bunch - where an item is marked '£/bunch', if you select 2, you will purchase 2 bunches, for example asparagus, parsley and grapes.

    • £/pack - where an item is marked '£/pack'; if you select 3, you will purchase 3 packs. For example, our fine beans are delivered in a 200 gram pack. The pack weight is shown (often by clicking on the picture) so you know what weight you're buying.

    • £/bag, £/punnet, £/love - well you get the idea!

  • For some items in the Deli and Meat collections the items are pre-packed and have different weights and prices. We give you the approx weight of the item and then the price per given weight. For example, our deli cheeses are approx 200g and are priced at £/200g. You may pay a little more or less depending on the exact weight we select for you. If you're not happy with what we've selected, please let us know.

  • In the description of the product we may also provide you with a typical quantity for the weight/bunch you are purchasing. For example, our English carrots are priced per 500 grams, which may be 3 to 4 large ones. Please accept that these are estimates to help guide you, and we'll pick some nice ones.

  • You can often click on a product's picture to find out more about the product, the supplier and the weights and measures. We often use information and pictures from the supplier's own website, particularly if it has nice photos. Please remember we don't have any control over the accuracy of that content.

Plastics and packaging

  • Some of our produce, like fine green beans, are still placed on a tray and wrapped in plastic. Suppliers may use recycled or recyclable packaging. Like most retailers we are reducing our packaging and will continue to offer more dispensed items in paper bags. If you have any thoughts or observations about this, please let us know.

  • If you're coming into the shop you're welcome to bring your own packaging and containers.

  • We also deliver to you using the same cardboard packaging we receive from our suppliers.

Your shopping basket

  • Each time you make a selection it will be added to your shopping basket and you'll see a summary, together with the current total price, that pops up on the page. Your newly selected item will appear last on the list. You can dismiss the summary by clicking on another shop item.

  • You can add, subtract or delete items in your shopping basket at any time before you finish. You can even leave the website and come back later after your afternoon snooze or holiday in Norfolk; the contents of your shopping basket will obediently stay there until you checkout.

  • Please go to the checkout when you've selected everything you need - you can't amend your order after it's placed because we're not that smart yet! But you can phone us if you've forgotten to add something and we'll add it to your order manually.

  • We try to keep our stock list current, but there may be times when we offer a substitute, or cannot supply. We may call you to ask you to accept an alternate. If we do deliver an alternate that you're not happy with, please phone Noel on 07908 124603 and he'll put it right.

Payment for your order

  • At the checkout we ask you if you want delivery or collection. You can also add a message about where to place your items if you're not at home, or offer an amusing anecdote.

  • We ask you to confirm your order but not pay for it. This is because the weights of any fruit and veg., or the meat packs and deli items we've picked for you may be slightly different from the weights you've requested, and the price will be slightly different (over or under) too. But not by much.

  • If you're collecting your order you can pay us at the till in the shop. If we are delivering to you we can take payment by card at the time of delivery.

There, bit of a long read, but hopefully your online shopping 

journey with us will be a smooth one.

Click on the link and off you go.

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