Noel's Farm Shop Gift Card - What A Lovely Treat

£10 - £100
Choose your gift and write a personal message to make someone's day. Our gift card never expires and can be used in our online shop. We'll send the gift card and code after we receive your payment....
1. Choose the value of the gift card, from £10 to £100. Our gift card never expires and can be used for multiple transactions. So, if you send a gift card for £50 and the first purchase is for £20, there is £30 remaining on the card for future purchases, using the same gift card code.

2. Each gift card is sent by email to its recipient and is available to use in our online shop only. It can be applied to purchases and delivery charges. One gift card code can be used per online shop transaction.

3. When you're buying a gift card we ask you to make payment into our bank account or pay in the shop before we send the gift card to its recipient. After completing the recipient's details, go to the Order Page to add your contact details to place the order.

4. Please make payment as soon as you get an email saying we've received your gift card order. If you're paying by bank transfer, please quote the order number on your payment instruction. You'll find it at the top of your email confirmation.
5. Our bank account details are:
Sort Code: 30-98-97

Account Number: 39106162

6. Once payment is received we'll send the gift card to the recipient with your message and their unique gift card code.

7. You can choose to send the gift card now or on a future date, such as a birthday or Christmas. We'll send the gift card on that date provided we have received payment from you.

8. As always, please speak to us if you have any questions.

How Our Gift Card Works