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Sustainability & Waste

Humans are the only species on Earth that creates waste, and we've become very good at it, with millions of tons of plastics, bottles, cans and cartons littering our roads, open spaces, our waterways and the sea. In the natural world waste doesn't exist;  'waste' from one plant or animal sustains another, and forms a continuous cycle of life.


Now, more than ever, we all have a role in reducing the waste we create and be part of that cycle of life. At the Farm Shop we're passionate about eliminating waste, although, like everything, it's a work in progress.


We're asking our suppliers to deliver as much of their produce as possible in cardboard boxes, which can be reused and recycled. If they deliver in plastic trays (like our bread deliveries, for example) then those trays are collected and returned on each delivery. We are trying to eliminate as much plastic packaging as possible. Even simple things like our egg trays are collected and returned to our egg supplier so they can be re-used.

We can offer you a cardboard box to take your shopping home with you, or please bring your own shopping bags.

Some of our products 

Food Waste

Local Supply

Palm Oil



Vegan & Vegetarian

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