Gradz - Artisan Bakery Dark Bread with Seeds 400g (£/each)

Gradz - Artisan Bakery Dark Bread with Seeds 400g (£/each)

Master bakers Agnes Gabriel after discovering a book containing a treasure trove of recipes handwritten by Agnes’s great-grandfather, they were inspired to establish the GRADZ (Gabriel Romuald Agnes DamaZ) bakery and wanted to share their recipes and continental style of baking with customers in the UK.


Each numbered recipe in her great-grandfather’s book brought back to life cherished memories and baking ideas for Agnes and Romuald and by adding their own knowledge, skill and expertise, the GRADZ master bakers have created a traditional range of breads with today’s tastes and health benefits. They have handcrafted GRADZ breads so that we can also experience the wonderful smell of warm and fresh bread from the family oven.


Their wish is for you to enjoy their family heritage of baking when you take the time to savour their authentic and delicious sourdough breads.


Suitable for Vegetarians. Vegan & Coeliac Certified

This loaf is gluten free but big on flavour. The addition of linseeds and sunflower seeds give the load a nuttiness as well as benefits associated with having these seeds from part of your regular balanced diet. Coeliac & Vegan Certified.